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History of Ed Levin Park

Ed Levin park has a long rich history.  Originally the park was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians and was called Laguna valley.  Soon the Mexican settlers came to the  area and it became ranchos.  Most of the area in Ed Levin park were named by the Spanish governor in the 1820’s such as Tularcitos.  Soon the settlers had to sell to the newly arrived Americans.  The valley became known as Calaveras Valley.  There were many settlers from East that arrived at Laguna and Calaveras valleys in the 1870’s.  One of the many was William F Downey whom one of the roads is named after.  All were farmers and dairy operators.  Stone walls were built by the Amish and still remain a mystery today. 

Soon Sandy Wohl bought property on the mountain and developed Diamond W ranch and also became a county supervisor.  Whol lake is named after him.  The state bought some of the land with plans of making a reservoir but as we know that didn’t work out.  In the early 60’s Ed Levin, County supervisor led the campaign to acquire the property from the state.  In 1969 Ed Levin Park was named after the late supervisor and so it stands today.  We at Chaparral have been very fortunate to be able to hold lessons and ride through this beautiful park since 2009.  We hope you all visit and cherish this wonderful site.

ed levin park history
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